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Welcome Adam and Musa

I would like to welcome our two newest partners who are Adam and Musa.  I need affiliates to fill out your W-9 for your payouts.  I need to know are you using paypal for your payment or something else.  I will send our weekly emails for our team meetings.  These meetings are important so that we can help each other and get assistance.  Let me know if you prefer Zoom or Facebook for the meetings.  I am selecting my first 10 affiliates as our base for now, and then I want to know are you referring others or just marketing your store.  Here are the web links for your replicated store.  Those who are referring others, please tell me where you are marketing.  I am also posting this information to my Facebook page for every one to get us exposure.,, , 

Our Facebook pages also have stores attached to them so we get even more exposure for Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and YouTube with our postings of information so come by the page and like them.

You can also use to send out messages pretty quick which is what I am using and you can be an affiliate which is always a bonus.  Okay I am posting now on Facebook.  If you guys need anything email or phone 414-465=2513


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