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Rich and Rich Co-op Advertising Network 12/20 by Desiree RN-BSN-MSN | Marketing

Our affiliates now has their replicated shop on located with your shop name under stores. The new people we are still working on getting on the website. Everyone take a look and email thoughts or questions. You can use the network to promote your website and/or affiliate links. The site is currently free for affiliates and in the future it will become paid to help with advertising which is a huge part of our budget. Take some time to look at the YouTube video's I created for affiliates on YouTube at Monday Dec, 2021 we will have a Facebook live event on Facebook at at 12 pm central. We will be discussing how Co-op Advertising works for a business, blog, or social media. We will also discuss our affiliate program that is used for our affiliate portal which pays 10% or more on sales.
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