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Spotlight on outdoor concession BBQ truck food cart toy hauler travel trailer snack car-partner-shipping included

We are in partnership with Alibaba and their certified seller Shandong Fist. All vehicles are new and custom designed based on the customers business and logo requirements. The vehicles ship from port to port of destination. We are not utilizing shop pay for this purchase. The purchase is 50% down to get started on customization that the consumer will give us based on their state requirements. Please don't purchase a vehicle without going through your state requirements because once it is shipped it is shipped.



We have pictures on our page which is also were we will have our Facebook Live Event.  The vehicles come with the basics only and you customize further if needed which may increase the cost as customization do cause 

(1)Stainless steel workbench with cabinet,cashier drawer,four jacks(for trailer),abrasive floor with drainage.


(2)Complete water system:water sinks,water tans,water heater,pump.


(3)Complete electric system:LED lightingtube, 4 plugs,switches,electric control box.


(4)Mechanical brake system.There are many of you asking questions so we will have a Facebook event to answer questions along with our co-host from our China partner. Vehicle information and how to get started.


*****Here is the link FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2022 AT 7 PMMobile Food Truck Business$94.99   · Paid Online Event-take the cost off the price of a purchased vehicle.









Desiree Sims-CEO Rich and Rich Homeopportunities L.L.C. 414-465-2513 or

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