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Business Calendar Appointments-Food Truck Purchase

Please feel free to make appointments for questions that you have about products and payment arrangements for purchase.


Please make an appointment through our website at The appointments allow for questions to be asked by you as the consumer and us as the merchant.  Our suppliers also need to be able to quote appropriate costs


The vehicles come with the basics only and you customize further if needed which may increase the cost as customization do cause  (1)Stainless steel workbench with cabinet,cashier drawer,four jacks(for trailer),abrasive floor with drainage.(2)Complete water system:water sinks,water tans,water heater,pump.(3)Complete electric system:LED lightingtube,4 plugs,switches,electric control box.(4)Mechanical brake system.

Rich and Rich Homeopportunities L.L.C. suppliers are based in China and have years and certifications for providing quality vehicles.  The shipping cost has been around $4000 to $6000 which can change rapidly depending on other shipping priorities. Your vehicle can be customized with your logo and colors. 50% can be put down on your vehicle for painting and logo creation with customizations. The other 50% is due before the vehicle ships from the port in China to a port in US that is close to destination of delivery.

Rich and Rich Homeopportunities L.L.C. encourages everyone to please check with your state on permits required, vehicle regulations, health department regulations, and space location with your state. We highly recommend that you get a business license because this is your business and it also can be helpful to keep your business assets separate from your personal assets in case of litigations.